Top 10 Government Merchant Navy Colleges in India 2023: Courses, Fees, Exams


Many students show huge interest in this shipping industry because there are huge opportunities in India. So, I think let’s provide some important updated Top government merchant navy colleges in India.

More Insights:

  • In the previous few years, the Maritime industry grew very fast and also increased job demand in this merchant navy field.
  • Everything provided in this article is fully researched-based, if you want more information about any college go to their website and get full fresh updates.
  • These are all institutes that come under the Indian Maritime University (IMU) by the government of India.
  • The shipping industry is growing fast, also there are huge scammers and shipping companies’ agents are increasing day by day.
  • Also, many fraud institutes and Courses are involved in this industry. Firstly, check all types of institutes, courses, and shipping companies which are approved by DG Shipping by the government of India.

Why Do Students Want to Join the Merchant Navy?

Because of many reasons like higher salary in the US $ Dollar provided by the shipping companies.

Travelling free all around the world without spending money. Here are all your expenses given by the company.

And yes, enjoy longer holidays like 3-4 months after signing off. If you have any problems related to maritime, you can ask in the comment section.

Let’s get to it.

List of Top Government Maritime (Merchant Navy) Colleges in India

1. Indian Maritime University – Chennai Campus

Indian Maritime University – Chennai Campus, previously known as National Maritime Academy. It is located in Chennai.

This university was established in 1985. The academic infrastructure includes 23 class rooms.

Students get hands-on training in the fully equipped machine shop and workshops for plumbing, electrical, pneumatic, fitting, hoste, swimming pool etc.

IMU Chennai offers the following academic programs:

  • B.Sc., in Nautical Science
  • B.Tech in Marine Engineering
  • Diploma in Nautical Science
  • MBA in Port and Shipping Management
  • MBA in International Transportation and Logistics Management
  • BBA in Logistics, Retailing and E-Commerce
  • Post Sea / STCW Courses

Contact Details

East Coast Road, Uthandi

Chennai 600 119.


2. T.S. Chanakya, Navi Mumbai Campus

T.S. Chanakya is a government maritime college, also known as IMU – Navi Mumbai Campus.

T S Chanakya is also popular for his B.Sc. in Nautical Science Course Duration 3 years with 2 terms in a year.

It imparts training for a one year Diploma course in Nautical Studies (DNS).

Courses Offered By T.S. CHANAKYA

Regular Courses:
  • 3 year B.Sc. (Nautical Science) Degree Course.
  • 1 year Diploma in Nautical Science, leading to B.Sc. (Nautical Science).
Short Term Courses:
  • Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)
  • Fire Fighting Course

Contact Details:

Karave, Nerul,

Navi Mumbai- 400706.



3. Indian Maritime University – Mumbai Port Campus

Indian Maritime University – Mumbai Port Campus was previously known as Lal Bahadur Shastri College of Advanced Maritime Studies and Research.

The university provides a post-sea, Maritime Education and Training Institute offering a range of courses for Merchant Navy Officers.

The college was established by the Ministry of Transport, Government of India. It was started in 1948.

Institute offers 45 post sea courses for Nautical & Marine Engineering discipline which include:

  • Certificate of Competency courses.
  • Simulator based Courses.
  • Non-simulator based Modular courses.
  • Four years B.Tech (Marine Engineering)
  • One year Post Graduate Diploma in Marine Engineering (PGDME) course.

Contact Details:


Hay Bunder Road,

Mumbai- 400033.

Email :

4. Indian Maritime University – Kolkata Campus

The Indian Maritime University – Kolkata Campus comprises two premier institutions- the Marine Engineering & Research Institute (MERI, Kolkata) and the Indian Institute of Port Management (IIPM, Kolkata).

The Institute was established after the Independence of India in 1947 to satisfy the growing need for marine engineers in India.

The infrastructure of this university is various smart classrooms, the Institute has well-equipped Laboratories, Simulators, a Library with more than 16000 books and technical journals, separate hostels for boys and girls for more than 800 cadets, swimming pools, hostels and workshops.

IMU Kolkata Course offered:

  • B.Tech in Marine Engineering
  • M.Tech in Marine Engineering & Management
  • MBA in International Transportation & Logistics Management
  • Besides, MERI also conducts various STCW courses and MEO Class-I Preparatory Course.

Contact Details-

P – 19, Taratalla Road,

Kolkata – 700 088.



5. Indian Maritime University – Visakhapatnam Campus

Indian Maritime University – Visakhapatnam Campus was previously known as the National Ship Design & Research Centre, Visakhapatnam (NSDRC).

The IMU Visakhapatnam Campus emerges from the confluence of the centrally established Indian Maritime University in Chennai.

India’s premier ship design and maritime research institution, the National Ship Design and Research Centre.

IMU-Visakhapatnam Campus heralds the integration of visionary academic insight with the accumulated professional expertise and knowledge base on Ship Design and Maritime Technology.

More Information:

  • Course offered: B.Tech (Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering)
  • Duration: 4 years
  • No. of Seats: 40

Contact Details-


Vishakhapatnam 531035.


6. Indian Maritime University – Kochi Campus

Indian Maritime University – Kochi Campus was previously known as the National Ship Design & Research Centre.

These Maritime institutions offer specialist maritime courses and training.

It was felt that the establishment of a Campus of the IMU at Kochi would go a long way in the promotion of the maritime sector.

IMU Kochi now offers the following academic programs

  • MBA in Port and Shipping Management
  • MBA in International Transportation & Logistics Management
  • B.Sc., in Nautical Science
  • BBA in Logistics, Retailing & E-commerce

Contact Details-

South End Reclamation Area (Located on NH47- A),

Near Alexander Parambithara Bridge,

Matsyapuri P.O.,

Willingdon Island,

Kochi- 682029

7. Dr BR Ambedkar Institute of Technology

Dr B R Ambedkar Institute of Technology was established in 1980. It is a government college of Maritime approved by (IMU).

Important Note: There are only 7 Government Maritime colleges available in India.

  • Overall Grade: B1
  • Ownership: Govt
  • Approved Seats: N/A
  • Course Fees: Diploma in Nautical Science
  • Address: Bharathi, Bengaluru, Karnataka

8. Maritime Training Institute (MTI)

The Maritime Training Institute is also known as MTI-SCI. They offer DNS Leading to B.Sc (Nautical Science) approved Seats 80(Aug), 40(Feb) Bach.

The candidates who apply for admission to MTI also qualify for imu-cet which is conducted twice a year by IMU.

Chennai will be admitted to the course at our MTI situated at Powai, Mumbai. Candidates have to log on to and fill out the online application for IMU CET strictly following the instructions given on their website.

  • Overall Grade: A1
  • Ownership: semi-govt
  • Offered course: Only DNS (diploma in nautical science)
  • Approved Seats: 80(Aug), 40(Feb) Bach
  • Address: Marg, Powai, Mumbai 400072

9. Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI)

  • Overall Grade: A1
  • Ownership: Private
  • Approved Sets: DNS (Diploma in Nautical Science), B.Sc. Nautical Science and (Marine Engineering)
  • No.of Seats: DNS-120 (Aug) Bach 40 (Feb)Bach, B.Sc.(NS)- 80, (ME)- 240
  • Placement: 95 – 100%
  • Address: Induri Village, Maval Taluka, Pune

10. International Maritime Institute (IMI)

  • CIP Grade: A1
  • Ownership: Private
  • Courses Offered: DNS (Diploma in Nautical Science) and (Marine Engineering)
  • No. of Seats: DNS-120 (Aug) Bach 40 (Feb)Bach, (ME)- 80
  • Address: Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Final Thoughts

There are many marine colleges, I’m provided sequence-wise. Institutes which are approved by DG Shipping by IMU.

Don’t worry about the private colleges in this list; these are all the best merchant navy colleges in India. If you like it. Please leave a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best government Maritime Academy?

1.Indian Maritime University – Chennai Campus
2.T.S. Chanakya, Navi Mumbai Campus
3.Indian Maritime University – Mumbai Port Campus
4.Indian Maritime University – Kolkata Campus
5.Indian Maritime University – Visakhapatnam Campus
6. Indian Maritime University – Kochi Campus

Which is the best government Maritime Academy?

There are 6 Indian Maritime University – IMU Campuses in India are: Navi Mumbai Campus, Kolkata Campus, Visakhapatnam Campus, Chennai Campus, Mumbai Port Campus and Kochi Campus in India.

What is the starting salary in the Merchant Navy?

If you join at Deck Cadet rank then, your salary is $300 to $500 US dollars in starting. Salary is vary depending on your company and sailing on which vessels like Container, tanker, cargo ship etc.

Which are the best Courses of Merchant Navy?

1. DNS (Diploma in Nautical Science)
2. B.Sc. in Nautical Science
3. (Marine Engineering)
4. G.P. Rating course
5. Electro Technical Officer (ETO)
6. DME (Diploma in Mechanical Engineer)

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